The Institute

The Institute of Logistics and Material Handling Systems - ILM - is divided into the departments and further on into the speciality fields of Logistic Knowledge Management and International Distribution Logistics

The ILM is responsible for the first undergraduate logistics degree programme in Germany, the degree programme Industrial Engineering with specialization in Logistics. Presently around 400 students are enrolled in this degree programme.

The research of the ILM is increasingly dedicated to methods and innovative solutions for the optimal design of logistic processes, systems and to global production and service networks, as well as the development of specific logistic products for material handling systems.
In another research approach the contribution of logistics in terms of energie efficiency and sustainability explored. Production, freight traffic, trade as well as specific transportation and logistic providers account for the demand and applications with logistics focus.
Logistic networks are extremly dynamic and are subject to stochastic impacts, e.g. altering customer demands. Due to this the modeling of complex networks, as well as their flow of materials and information is a major object of research. The objective is the mapping of the effects of the changing  factors and to use this for the design, configuration and operation of the logistic networks. Another objective of the mapping is to use it for the evaluation of risks and opportunities.

The development of methods and instruments for holisitic analysis, modeling and simulation, strategic and dispositive planning, the quick start of production, reorganization, the management, knowledge transfer and the assurance of quality are objectives of the fundamental research.

On October 2nd, 2006 the Institute of Logisitcs and Material Handling Systems emerged out of the Institute of Materials Handling and Construction Machinery Systems, Steel Construction, Logistics (Institut für Förder- und Baumaschinentechnik, Stahlbau, Logistik (IFSL)).
The formation of the Institute took place in the course of the event "50 years of education in materials handling technology" with approximately 200 graduates and friends of the ILM. The importance of this event can be seen with a glimpse at the list of participants and speakers. The guests arrived from more than 10 different European countries, which underlines imposingly the good reputation of the ILM, nationally as well as internationally.

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