Chair of Material Handling

The Department of Materials Handling/Materials Handling Systems concentrates on the development, construction and optimization of mechanical and steelbuilding elements of material handling systems as well as their operation, application and maintenance. Examples of a few materials handling systems are


  • cranes and hoisting devices,
  • ground- and shelf access conveyors,
  • elevators,
  • shaft conveying machines and cablecars,
  • continous conveyors for bulk and unit loads,
  • surface mining machinery like excavators and drawers, which belong to the biggest driveable machine systems.

The increasing automatization and new environmental requirements are the most important impulses for innovation and further development of conveying machinery and systems.  Therefor an interdisciplinary education including natural and engineering science fundamentals as well as production oriented deepening applications and specialization is offered.

The Chair of Material Handling is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Katterfeld. He is continuing the work of Prof. i.R. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Krause, who was head of the department since 1994 and who is associated with most of the greater research and development projects.

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