Work Packages and Activities

WP1 Preparation

  • Establishment of fundaments for university specific curriculum development due to collecting and processing more specific data from direct (BA students) and indirect (processing industry) target groups;
  • Teambuilding;
  • Establishment of a concrete Roadmap for ProdLog;
  • Strengthening of a shared vision;
  • Basis for evaluation of project results in the end of the project.

WP2 Development

  • Development of about 18 interdisciplinary and logical connected bologna-based modules in resource efficient production logistics for every partner country university in three development teams;
  • Build a suitable basis for the education of production logistics specialists with awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

WP3 Development

  • Train the “Trainers” to professionalize the academic staff of partner country universities in methodical and textual approaches to resource efficient production logistics;
  • Train potential new academic staff, PhD students from each partner country university, to ensure long term integration of the new Programme.

WP4 Development

  • Ensure sustainability of the new Programme due to spatial extension of logistics with laboratories beyond the end of the project;
  • Enable logistics departments of partner country universities to further develop their logistics know-how by themselves in accordance to the specific economic, political and social needs beyond the end of the project on the basis of resource efficiency;
  • Strengthen of international study networks due to the database for logistics methods and learning platform, which will be in use for recorded lectures of EU partners and common project work among students of consortium universities.

WP5 Development

  • Testing of developed master programme in resource efficient production logistics;
  • Accreditation of developed master programme in GKU.

WP6 Quality Plan

  • Ensuring the quality of relevant project outcomes in accordance of EU standards.

WP7 Dissemination & Exploration

  • Spread and embed project results of ProdLog;
  • Contribute to the implementation and shaping of national and European policies and systems by presenting the progress of the project in German-Kazakh Logistics Forum and Round tables.

WP8 Management

  • Meetings and project communication;
  • Reporting;
  • Day-to-day management;
  • Accounting.

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